Little Dim Sum Warriors bilingual flip book 2: Your Relatives are Weird! 你的亲戚好奇怪!


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LITTLE DIM SUM WARRIORS 小小点心侠 is a laugh out loud hilarious comic series that has been a hit with my entire family (even the comic snob husband :p) We love it as it is bilingual (Chinese and English), promotes Chinese culture through food (YUMS!) and super entertaining (my 7-year-old cannot get enough of it).

Specially designed to help kids between 3-10 years of age learn Chinese (and translate from English!) in a joyful way, the series features hilarious stories and adorable art by award-winning creators Yen Yen Woo and Colin Goh, with pedagogical design by education expert Dr. Woo in collaboration with pre-eminent Chinese translator Dan Feng Tan.

In this second installment, Xiajiao and Shaomai meet Chashao Bao’s relatives and their first impression is… relatively weird. Readers are sure to have their vocabularies extended in this hilarious tale of misimpressions!

Hardcover book.

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