Cultural Adventures with Elena series


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If you loved the Elena Chinese festivals series by Dingli Stevens, you definitely need to get your hands on these! Elena goes on an adventure to learn about rice and tea in each of the books. The story is in English and accompanied by a Chinese poem related to the theme. This series consists of 2 titles – “In the tea village” and “In the rice paddy”. Each sold separately. 

The author of the series, Dingli Stevens has very kindly autographed limited copies of each title for Play乐学‘s customers. Grab them while stocks last!

Each book includes:

  • A story in English
  • Learn Chinese with Elena segment (picture, Chinese character, pinyin, English)
  • Learn Tang Poems with Elena (Chinese poem, pinyin, English translation and explanation of poem)

Synopsis of “In the tea village”

Elena visits her friend, Robert, for a play date. They pretend they are on a camping trip. After a heavy rainstorm, they emerge from their tent, and a dog named Yellow leads them to an enchanted tea village. What will Elena and Robert find there? Will they find it difficult to bid farewell to the tea village, and to each other?

Synopsis of “In the rice paddy”

Elena is preparing her art project on rice for her school’s Rice Festival exhibition but she’s never actually seen how rice is grown. Her toy goose begins to speak to her and brings her to the Rice Paradise. What will Elena find there? What will Elena draw for the Rice Festival?

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