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Hi! Welcome to PlayLeXue. My name is Joey, and I’m a stay-at-home mum with one child and one cat.

About Me

  • I used to be a primary school Chinese Language teacher.
  • My favourite subjects in school were Chinese and Art.
  • My favourite part of teaching was creating games and fun activities to help children learn.
  • My son is three years old, but he might tell you he is nine.
  • I’m an only child, and I’m married to an only child. His company, Tinkertanker, does education too, but for technology and coding.
  • My cat has his own Instagram account. That’s him, in the photo below, asking if there’s room on the broom for a cat like him. “Pls follow and Like!”, he meows.


About PlayLeXue

  • I started PlayLeXue, or Play乐学, as a form of self-care—a creative outlet for my stay-at-home parenting.
  • 乐, le, means “to enjoy”, or “happiness”.
  • 学, xue, means “to learn”.
  • PlayLeXue can also mean “Play 了, 学”, a Singlish-sounding phrase meaning “learn through play”. I considered “Play Already Learn”, but that didn’t sound very professional.
  • I’d like this site to help promote bilingual education. Singapore’s a great environment for children to become effectively bilingual, and I hope to share our journey and contribute what we’ve learned.