Nursery Rhymes Reusable Colouring Placemat Bundle


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More savings when you get this bundle of 2 mats and a pack of fine tip or broad tip markers!

A Play乐学 design for #ohmymats. Reusable colouring & dining placemats are perfect for keeping children entertained while waiting for meals or on trips. We featured a Chinese nursery rhyme “Two Tigers 两只老虎“ and “Trishaw 三轮车“ in hopes that children can learn to sing these rhymes while colouring and thus spark off conversions in Mandarin with their parents or caretakers.

This design is printed onto food-grade silicone with fade-proof black ink and can be decorated with non-toxic dry erase markers. The dry erase marker wipes clean for hundreds of uses, and the printed mat can be deep-cleaned in the dishwasher. 

This mat measures 38cm x 24cm. Made in Korea.

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FAQs from #ohmymats

What are the mats made of?
#ohmymats Reusable Colouring & Dining Placemats are made of food-grade platinum silicone which is meant for utensils and kitchenware.

What markers work with #ohmymats?
Any alcohol-based whiteboard marker or dry erase marker will work!
We have tried many different brands of whiteboard markers we could find and tested them on #ohmymats with success.

Can I use washable markers, such as Crayola?
Washable markers are usually water-based and designed to be watery. You can use them to colour on #ohmymats but be aware that they might bead up and also they will stain your hands if you touch the coloured areas.

How do I wash the mats?
Simply use a wet wipe and wipe it clean! Or you can also use water & soap to clean them. Pop them into the dishwasher or steriliser if you prefer.

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