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The Museum Explorers Kit Billingual Kit 博物馆小小探险家双语学习百宝盒


A collab kit with the Queens of learning kits – UpsyDaisy

This is a BILINGUAL kit aimed at children 4 and up, but of course, as we always say, a well exposed younger child will benefit from this kit too!

The Museum Explorers Kit is based on Lianne Ong’s Stacey Goes to the National Gallery Singapore. As mums of young children, we very much wanted to introduce young children to museums beyond what most of our children remember their museum experiences to be- dots!!

Instead, you and your child will get to learn all about museums in general. Our kit includes activities targeted at:

1) Learning museum related vocabulary in both English and Chinese;

2) Articulating museum etiquette;

3) Learning about calligraphy as an art form, with hands on practice too;

4) Taking a closer look at one of the paintings by a first generation Singaporean artist in Stacey Goes to the National Gallery;

5) Recognising patterns in museum architecture all over the world;

6) Engaging in craft and small world play by building your very own portable museum gallery!

7) Developing a creative story behind a museum artefact!

Because the activities are largely applicable to ANY museum, you can use this kit with your other Stacey books too, to explore our other beautiful museums in Singapore.

The Museum Explorers Kit is available via @upsydaisysg and @playlexuechinese at $60 excluding courier. You can cart out via either site to chope your kit ASAP!

Kits will be available end Oct or earlier, fingers crossed! Each kit comes with a limited edition Stacey postcard and an autographed book!

Price includes local courier

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