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Play乐学中秋百宝盒(一) Mid Autumn book kit 1 : PREORDER ready 30 Aug-2Sep

This is my favourite book because it covers all the mid autumn legends, each legend in about 2 pages. I also like that it introduces how other nationalities celebrate Mid Autumn! Great for children who already know about mooncakes, jade rabbits and are ready to move on to more. Also great for the Mum (ahem – me) who wants a book that she can just read 2 pages a night to introduce one legend at a time :p

This kit is packed full of activities from hands on learning about different phases of the moon, tracing some Mid Autumn well wishes (花好月圆庆中秋)to learning about how mooncakes came about & then making some craft mooncakes that can be used for so many extension games. Identify the different legends in the DIY colouring mobile after you read about them all in the story book included! Let your little one have a go at the join the dots to form a rabbit and full moon activity. Next, hone their fine motor skills with the colourful 中秋节 dot marker/ dot sticker activity sheets to introduce them the 3 chinese characters they will be seeing pretty often this Mid Autumn! Then it’s time for some action with Houyi pretend play shooting down balloon suns! Last but not the least, make your own lantern to bring out for lantern walk in Mid Autumn night! 

This book kit includes

  1. Hard cover Chinese book 《中秋节》
  2. Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation guide for storybook
  3. Acrylic moon phase puzzle
  4. Moon phase laminated guide sheet
  5. 花好月圆庆中秋 laminated writing sheet
  6. DIY Mooncake paper craft with instructions
  7. DIY felt rabbit lantern craft with instructions & glow in the dark light stick. 
  8. DIY Mid Autumn legends hanging paper mobile craft 
  9. Bow and arrows toy set
  10. 12 yellow balloons (in case some burst) and washi tape (to attach to a vertical surface for shooting)
  11. Chang Er-jade rabbit join the dots and writing laminated activity.
  12. 中秋节 dot a dot marker & sticker activity (dot stickers included)
  13. Parent guide

IMPORTANT: This product contains small parts. Recommended for children 3 and up. Parental supervision is strongly encouraged at ALL times. Please do not bend any of the acrylic parts.

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