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Make shapes, letters and words with rubber bands. Or simply create your own pictures! You’ll be amazed at what children can come up with! Fabulous fine motor practice to strengthen those little fingers. Use the laminated guide cards as a backing or side reference (more advanced). The guide cards can also be used as play dough mats, or as dry erase boards for tracing those letters.  The attached magnets on the board are perfect for putting them on the store room door or refrigerator door for some vertical workout. Click here for the advantages of letting your child work on vertical spaces.

Comes with

  • Geoboard with 4 small round magnets
  • 1 set of lowercase alphabet guide cards
  • 1 set of uppercase alphabet guide cards
  • 1 plain guide card (write any word you want with a white board marker)
  • Big, medium and small rubber bands
  • 1 strong magnet to better support the geoboard on magnetic vertical surfaces.

IMPORTANT: The 4 small round magnets can be removed. Small parts not suitable for children under 3.

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