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有多少只猫生活在开罗?巴黎人每天可以吃掉多少奶酪? 甜味褐芥末酱是什么味道?我们对于这个世界充满了疑问,这些问题只是其中的一小部分。


从城市到森林,从沙漠到海洋,这个世界上有太多的东西等待着我们去发现。 你所需要的,只是一位好向导和一点点好奇心……

所以,还在等什么?让我们开始探索吧!” – 马克 . 马丁 《世界-趣味版》

“A book about everything* for everyone. From Hong Kong to the Amazon and Ulaanbaatar to Antarctica, come on a guided journey around the world and discover the many things that make each place unique. Sleepy sloths, colourful cows, prolific pastries, staggering skylines, terrible traffic, bustling bodies, burglarising baboons…you’ll be surprised by what you find along the way!

From award-winning author and illustrator Marc Martin comes a quirky fact-filled adventure for curious globetrotters, young and old.” – Lots – 

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