Little helpers – Search team book kit 小人儿帮手-搜索队百宝盒


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《小人儿帮手 – 搜索队》A picture tells a thousand words. This book is part of the adorable series we have chosen for this year’s Christmas book kit. This time, the little helpers have to form a search team to complete their mission!  We don’t want to spoil the fun of discovery for you so read it for yourself! Hint* cat lovers will LOVE IT! It is a book of few words but will make you and your child want to read it over and over again to discover all the hidden “easter eggs”. We recommended that you first let the child read it on his/her own, read it on your own, then go through the read & play booklet before reading it together with your child. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the little details you discover each time you re read this amazing picture book! 

Read & play guide  During my teacher training days, my favourite module was “Chinese Children Literature”, where we learned how to go beyond just reading the words in a book to children. I was completely captivated by how my Children Literature professors went through each picture book in great detail with us, and now I hope to help you captivate your children the same way with this read & play guide filled with fun questions and activities. What better way to nurture the children’s comprehension skills and picture description skills via these beautiful picture books! I for one prefer these to the oral picture description images in assessment books. 😛

Chinese character dot activity sheets  Hone those fine motor skills with our well loved signature Chinese character dot activity sheets. The same character is printed on both side so you can use it more times or for sibling sharing. Use dot markers (get them HERE) , followed by dot stickers (included) and lastly with push pins (We now have an adorable selection HERE due to popular demand).

Chinese character felt lacing puzzles Let junior work on those hand eye coordination skills with these one of a kind lacing puzzles designed by us! Use it for lacing, as a puzzle, with push pins on a cork board or use fingers to trace along the holes to learn the character the sensory way! So many possibilties. And you don’t have to worry about junior breaking them as they are made of thick felt 😉

This Construction book kit includes

  1. Hard cover Chinese book 《小人儿帮手 – 搜索队》
  2. Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation + *read & play booklet with activities *NEW
  3. 搜、索 & 队 dot activity double sided cardstock sheets (includes dot stickers)
  4. 搜、索 & 队 felt lacing puzzles (includes 1 big & 1 small child size needle and yarn string)
  5. Parent guide

Suitable for ages 2 and up

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