Incredible lives of animals 不可思议的动物生活


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Be blown away by the incredibly fascinating lives of animals via the loveliest hand-drawn illustrations with pull out pages. Learn about fussy animal eaters, love relationships in the animal kingdom, the journey from egg to adulthood, superb animal engineers, animals that live in water, animals with awe-inspiring tails, animal footprints and their growing up journeys.

Hardcover titles include:

  1. 动物也挑食
  2. 动物也忽表达爱
  3. 各种各样的蛋
  4. 杰出建筑师
  5. 水里的动物朋友圈
  6. 了不起的尾巴
  7. 脚印暴露秘密了
  8. 动物宝宝成长记

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