Elephant and piggy 大象和小猪 (paperback set)


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Have an elephant & piggie fan at home who is not interested in reading Chinese books? Ride on their interest and kickstart their Chinese reading journey with this fabulous series by celebrated children’s author, Mo Willems! This series was love at first sight for my then 4 year old. Never mind that he didn’t know how to read, the humorous storyline and adorable characters got him hooked and soon he was begging me to teach him how to read the Chinese characters #mamawin  #interestbasedlearning

This series of paperback books includes the following titles:

  1. 今天我要飞!
  2. 我的朋友不开心
  3. 大象不会跳舞!
  4. 我要走了!
  5. 开车去兜风!
  6. 大个子抢了我的球!
  7. 第一次参加派对!
  8. 你头上有只鸟!
  9. 吓你一跳!
  10. 我能一起玩吗?
  11. 我们在一本书里!
  12. 要不要分享冰激淋?
  13. 我是一只青蛙!
  14. 新朋友真有趣!
  15. 看我来扔球!
  16. 听我吹小号!
  17. 等待真不容易!

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