Dental kit extension pack


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This dental kit extension pack includes:

  1. Felt lacing 牙 character* with plastic thread* and 1 kid safe needle*
  2. Dentist tool kit (dental mirror, tweezers, scraping tool, cotton balls, apron, tissue, mini tray)
  3. Choose your food wisely activity sheet 
  4. 1 Tooth pen*
  5. Happy Tooth Sad Tooth Activity (Food picture sheet – not cut, 1 translucent tooth box, 2 white tooth clips, 3 whiteboard markers* )
  6. 5 tooth shaped paper clips*
  7. 1 White and 1 yellow tooth erasers
  8. 1 teeth brushing timer* (3min timer)
  9. Play guide for parents

*Colours given at random. Designs may vary slightly.

NOTE: Ready stock.  Courier will pick up the day after item is ready and deliver to recipient within the following 3 working days. 

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