12 Chinese zodiac nursery tales book set 十二生肖幼儿成长绘本12册


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The set of books in this book kit has been well-loved by my now 6-year-old since he was 3 years old. I had chosen this set of books to prepare him for the challenges that he might encounter when entering nursery school, as well as introduce the 12 Chinese zodiac animals to him in a way he can better relate to – adorable baby zodiac animals! Each book centres around a different zodiac animal and the challenge they face in school. What I love most about this series as a parent and teacher is that the baby animals resolve all their problems amongst themselves, without the help of any adult! The teacher in the story only appears briefly, usually at the beginning or end of the story. The series highlights the belief that children are capable beings who can overcome their challenges, something I feel strongly about. We will be revisiting this series and discussing in greater detail the challenges faced by the baby animals as we prepare for our journey into Primary 1.

This 12 Chinese zodiac nursery tales book set includes:

  • 12 x Chinese zodiac nursery story books (1 animal / moral value per story)     《十二生肖幼儿成长绘本》12册

    1. 小老鼠:我也能行
    2. 小牛:我们去远足
    3. 小老虎:我最棒?!
    4. 小兔子:我有朋友啦
    5. 小龙:爸爸怎么还不来
    6. 小蛇:能说会道我第一
    7. 小马:赛跑我最厉害啦
    8. 小羊:我是笑眯眯
    9. 小猴:我来帮你吧
    10. 小猪:我才不怕妖怪呢

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