Little helpers- construction Christmas book kit 《小人儿帮手圣诞节》百宝盒 (PREORDER ready 26-29 Nov)


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LIMITED EDITION *PREORDER ready 26-29 Nov 2018

A picture tells a thousand words. The book we have chosen for this year’s Christmas book kit is a book of few words but will make you and your child want to read it over and over again to discover all the hidden “easter eggs”. We recommended that you first let the child read it on his/her own, read it on your own, then go through the read & play booklet before reading it together with your child. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the little details you discover each time you re read this amazing picture book! 

Christmas is about spreading love and reconnecting with loved ones so let your child make their own Christmas cards to send to loved ones! We are sure the grandparents will be delighted to receive them. Putting together each Christmas card is like piecing together a puzzle. Great for working those little minds and hands concurrently. Then learn some Chinese Christmas greetings with our signature stroke tracing characters. This time in the form of stickers so the children can “write” their own greeting cards! Decorate it with the stamp set included and you are set!

Hone those fine motor skills with another of our well loved Chinese character dot activity sheets. The same character is printed on both side so you can use it more times or for sibling sharing. Use dot markers (get them HERE) , followed by dot stickers (included) and lastly with push pins (We now have an adorable selection HERE due to popular demand).

We believe in 先听说后读写 in the learning of Chinese so this time round, we have marked out the specific skills that each activity will cover. We have also included in the parents guide how you can modify each activity to suit children of different age groups (toddlers and preschoolers) ! 

Play乐学 advocates learning through play and we are all for nurturing future makers so we have designed a make your own game activity for this book kit that will let your child learn about patterns and also strengthen those little finger muscles with the making of the game.

This Limited Edition Christmas book kit includes

  1. Hard cover Chinese book 《小人儿帮手 – 圣诞节》
  2. Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation + *read & play booklet with activities *NEW
  3. DIY felt Christmas cards craft pack – 3 designs (Christmas tree, gingerbread man & bell). Each card includes a set of 3x (亲爱的、圣诞节快乐)、姜饼人、雪人、圣诞树 colourful tracing stickers.
  4. 圣诞 dot activity cardstock sheets (includes dot stickers)
  5. Christmas Bingo game (includes 4 Christmas eraser tokens)
  6. Make your own pattern game activity pack (includes velcro dots)
  7. Christmas stamp set (10 different stamp designs & 2 stamp pads)
  8. Parent guide

Suitable for ages 2 and up

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