Chinese strokes 1 & 2 acrylic puzzles bundle


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The Chinese strokes 2 acrylic puzzle features 16 MORE Chinese strokes (different from Chinese strokes 1 acrylic puzzle). Together, our strokes 1 and strokes 2 acrylic puzzles will cover all the strokes found in our local lower primary syllabus. 

Is your child a kinesthetic learner? This Chinese strokes acrylic puzzle is the perfect resource for him/her to learn about the Chinese strokes the hands-on way! This highly versatile puzzle provides so many different ways of play, revisiting these Chinese strokes will be something to look forward to each time!

Each puzzle comes with a colouring and tracing activity sheet (printed on cardstock) and a play guide.

Proudly designed in Singapore!

*Colours include yellow, green, orange, blue. Colours will be given at RANDOM.

Important note: This product contains small parts. Recommended for children 3 and up. Parental supervision is strongly encouraged at all times. Please do not bend any of the acrylic parts.

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Puzzles with aesthetic flaws (see cart out options): This batch of acrylic puzzles has some mild scratches on the backing which is visible when the puzzle is held against the light. Please look carefully at the last photo before purchasing!

There’s nothing wrong with how the puzzle *works*, just how it *looks*. So the functionality of the puzzle is not compromised at all! These are at a discounted price, as it would be a waste to throw them away just because of superficial manufacturing problems.

Please adopt them if you are not fussy about the minor aesthetic flaw. Thank you!

Sale items are not eligible for exchanges or refunds.

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Video of ways to play with this by Our Little Playnest.

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