Chinese stories sound book 有声故事书.


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A delightful sound book with a handle that your child can carry everywhere with them. Let them listen to the stories and flip through the pages to follow the tales. *Note: text is an abridged version of audio. Audio recording with a pleasant, non high pitched voice comfortable for the parent when the children play it over and over and over again. Best of all, it includes volume adjustment buttons and song recordings can be switched off by pressing the play button again.

A great screen free, device free option. Or on days when the podcast device has run out of battery / the parent loses his / her voice #truestory and still owes the preschooler 5 stories :p 

Titles include:

  1. 童话世界 Fairytales
  2. 成语故事 Chinese idiom stories
  3. 安徒生童话 Hans Christian Anderson tales
  4. 格林童话 Grimm brothers tales 
  5. 伊索寓言 Aesop’s fables

Suitable for ages 3 and up 

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