Chinese Name Kit – Ultimate Bundle


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Get your child’s Chinese name in 5 different materials & formats—laser-cut acrylic, cut felt, sticker, magnet, and laminated sheet—along with a host of accessories to help your child learn to write his/her name. Help make learning to write his/her Chinese name fun, easy, and memorable. Makes for a great gift, too!

When we say this is a “custom” kit, we mean it—each character of your child’s name will be carefully illustrated, printed, and cut. Each material presents a unique way for your child to learn; for instance, the acrylic name puzzle lets your child “build” his/her name in a hands-on manner, the name stickers come with guides that let your child practise writing the correct sequence of Chinese strokes, and the name magnets are great for pasting on vertical surfaces for writing practice.

There’s no better way to provide your child a variety of opportunities to practise seeing and writing his/her name, and the exposure will pay off in the years to come!

Name kit includes:

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