珍藏版《跟着伊伊过大节》4册 Happy Chinese Festivals with Elena collector’s set of 4


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This special collector’s set of 4 includes:

  1. 《伊伊,春节快乐-珍藏版》Happy Chinese New Year, Elena
  2. 《伊伊,端午节快乐-珍藏版》Happy Dragonboat Festival, Elena
  3. 《伊伊,气息节快乐-珍藏版》Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day, Elena
  4. 《伊伊,中秋节快乐-珍藏版》Happy Mid Autumn, Elena
  5. A special paper book set cover that can be made into a puppet stage and puppet printouts for all 4 festivals.


Suitable for ages 2 and up

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